Sydney Swimming Pools

Swimming pools can make the perfect addition to any backyard in Sydney’s sweltering summer temperatures, providing hours of cooling relief from the intense heat. But they can be costly to install and require regular maintenance – you should ensure you purchase one that best meets your budget and lifestyle needs. In this article we explore some of the more popular Sydney pools so you can find one to fit.

Pools provide an ideal place for socialization with friends, as well as being used as exercise or therapy tools. But before making this investment in your yard, it is important to understand all potential safety and other issues associated with them – which should be resolved by working with an authorized and insured pool contractor; that way, your pool will comply with local regulations.

Coogee Beach rock pools are among Sydney’s most gorgeous swimming spots, carved from rocks along the ocean end of Southern Coastal Walk and named for Henry Wylie – an Australian long distance swimmer and champion swimmer whose baths opened in 1883 as one of the first public pools offering mixed gender access.

Canterbury Pool in Sydney’s south-west will be sorely missed by residents. Residents will remember its intoxicating chlorine scent and fondly remember community events held there and carefree days spent splashing about with friends. Lawyer and community advocate Yusra Metwally is among those mourning its passing away.

North Sydney Olympic Pool, constructed in the 1930s and famous for its multicolored brick arches shaped into parrots, scallop shells and fish features, is another popular swimming spot in Sydney. Unfortunately, due to a two year construction project it is currently closed but will reopen once completed; its reputation for cleanness and safety make it an excellent way for families to spend a day on the water together.

If you’re in Darlinghurst and seeking something more quirky, check out Ivy Pool Club. This exclusive pool club combines resident DJs, cocktails and light bites in crystal clear waters with crystal clear waters for optimal swimming conditions. Open Thursday-Friday noon (and Saturday night!), it provides the ideal place for cooling off with friends while sipping cocktails – plus taking in views of both city and harbor!