The HK Prize 2023 Exhibition

The Hong Kong Prize recognizes scientists whose contributions have made significant advances to Hong Kong’s scientific and technological innovation, particularly in Artificial Intelligence/Robotics/Life/Health, New Materials/New Energy or Advanced Manufacturing. Each year there may be up to five recipients (or teams).

The winning team will receive a prize money of HK$2,000,000, along with certificates and trophies as well as the opportunity to visit Mainland China for scientific exchanges, access premier research facilities in Hong Kong, international conferences/seminars related to their field of study and an opportunity for scientific collaboration among renowned researchers from around the globe; creating an open and dynamic research and development environment here in Hong Kong.

Global scholars have nominated five Hongkongers for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, including dissident professor Cao Xiaohui and student activists Joshua Wong, Gwyneth Ho, Chow Hang-tung and Lee Cheuk-yan. 15 academics from top universities across America, Britain and Australia wrote to Norway’s Nobel Committee and denounced Hong Kong’s disastrous crackdown on freedom and civil society that forced student activists to stage anti-Beijing demonstrations last month.

The Hong Kong Prize seeks to honor Hong Kong’s outstanding scientific researchers while encouraging young people to become scientists themselves. Based on its philosophy “Boosting Hong Kong and Serving the Country through Technology”, this prize aims to draw top international talent, foster forward-looking scientific minds and transform Hong Kong into an international hub of science and technology.

The 2023 Hong Kong Prize exhibition will take place from 1 December until 14 January 2024, open to the general public and free guided tours will be available daily at the Goethe-Gallery & Black Box Studio. Artworks on display are all for sale with 80% of proceeds benefitting both prize organizers as well as non-profit Justice Centre Hong Kong who assist displaced people around the globe on their quest for protection, justice, and dignity. All artwork is available to be bought. The Goethe Gallery & Black Box Studio exhibition will offer daily free guided tours with free guided tours being provided daily to visitors who arrive for free admission!