Hong Kong Prize 2022 Winners

hongkong prize

The Hongkong Prize Scholarship Program honors high school students for their academic and extracurricular accomplishments and encourages them to follow their passions while creating global perspectives. Sponsored by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited and open to anyone who has graduated high school, winners receive travel opportunities as well as access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities as part of a monetary prize award.

The Hongkong Prize is chosen by an independent panel of judges. This judging body evaluates each candidate based on their achievements and contributions to humanity. Due to its highly competitive nature, not everyone may apply. If interested, please review all relevant rules carefully and submit an application before the deadline has passed.

HK Prize 2022 Winners

The Hong Kong Prize was created to honour those who embody humanity, so more people will understand its meaning and incorporate it into their daily lives.

Since 2007, when its inaugural ceremony took place, the Hong Kong Prize has recognized over 90 individuals for their humanitarian contributions in varying fields. Recipients include an organization providing shelter for homeless individuals and an artist reinterpreting human rights into fine art concepts; additionally, recipients have included people dedicated to protecting life and caring for vulnerable groups’ health.

This year, two young people nominated for the prize are using technology to assist homeless people and a professor who developed liquid biopsy technology – two extraordinary achievements which should be recognized for their service to humanity. To increase your chances of winning this prestigious prize, apply early and participate in extracurricular activities; additionally write an essay explaining why you are the ideal candidate.

Are You an Outstanding Student in Hongkong Secondary Schools? The Hongkong Prize scholarship may be right for you! Open to all Hongkong secondary school students, up to 10 prizes can be won this year. In order to qualify, teachers must nominate you before submitting artwork online by the submission deadline – free entry with up to HK$40,000 awarded as vouchers towards future education expenses!

The Hongkong Prize is an annual awards program that recognizes students for their academic achievements, community service activities, and extracurricular involvement. Winners receive cash prizes as well as travel to Hong Kong for the awards ceremony – open to students worldwide with great scholarship potential! Good luck to everyone taking part!