The Singapore Prize – An Award That Recognises the Best in Book Publishing

singapore prize

The Singapore Prize is an award that celebrates excellence in book publishing. It is presented to authors whose Singapore-related books – fiction or non-fiction – have been legally deposited with the National Library Board as an ISBN number, administered by the Department of History in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at National University of Singapore.

In 2014, the inaugural NUS Singapore History Prize winner was revealed. Established to promote interest in Singapore’s rich past and broaden definitions of what constitutes history-related works, this prize is open to writers of all nationalities who produce works about history every three years.

Book that best showcases its writing, topic and research will win this prize. They will receive a cash award of SG$50,000 that is to be put towards an endowment fund and its interest going toward future awards. Shortlisted books will also be featured prominently on the program website.

As well as receiving an honourable mention, each of the top ten entries will also receive an honourable mention from our judges, while they select an exceptionally promising book for future consideration. Authors of these works will then be invited to attend a special awards ceremony during WAFX 2023 that provides them with an opportunity to showcase their work and present global interior design at its best.

At the awards ceremony, leading experts will share insights into how interior design impacts human health and wellbeing, the significance of green buildings, and architecture’s place within society. Singapore government agencies as well as private organizations will recognize finalists and winners for their contributions towards building a better world.

Prince William attended the Earthshot Prize ceremony in Singapore on Tuesday to recognize five green innovators working to accelerate solutions and take tangible actions to restore our planet. Accion Andina, GRST, WildAid Marine Program and S4S Technologies were among the winners at Earthshot Week’s award ceremony in Singapore, which is part of its new initiative that sees winners and finalists convene for events aimed at expanding their businesses by building connections amongst themselves and meeting other entrepreneurs in an intensive week of events in this exciting global initiative. At the event, activities will build upon Singapore’s strengths as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Temasek Trust generously supported this event and co-presented with GenZero and Conservation International their prize for innovation against climate change – it is truly an honor having such a high profile figure behind us to honor these exceptional individuals and their revolutionary approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation.