Singapore Pools – Repositioning Itself As a Digitally Empowered State-Owned Enterprise

singapore pools

Singapore Pools is the legal betting operator in Singapore, offering sports, lottery, horse racing and 4D gaming products. As one of the leading providers of football bets globally – totalling $9.2 billion during 2022 alone – Singapore Pools has seen an increase in self-exclusions of late, so their staff are available to provide help should anyone experience difficulty gambling.

Singapore Pools has also made strides toward becoming a digitally empowered state-owned enterprise, with transformation efforts increasing following COVID-19. According to Yeo Teck Guan, CEO of Singapore Pools, their focus has shifted away from legacy operations towards becoming agiler and customer-centric organizations.

He credits this achievement to an efficient project management team, strong leadership support and a clear understanding of its desired goals. Alongside its digital transformation strategy, the organisation is also focused on optimizing internal processes and shaping culture to make real progress possible.

Singapore Pools was launched by the government to counter illegal gambling syndicates that were flourishing at that time, providing citizens with legal gambling options free of triads or bookies. Today, Tote Board oversees Singapore Pools directly.

The Tote Board collects around S$9bn annually through bets, returning 70% as winnings to players while channelling the remaining funds back into community programs and projects for arts, social service sectors, charity, education, health and sports initiatives. Furthermore, this company partnered with iShine Cloud to enable employees to be more efficient at work while making an impactful contribution towards improving society overall.

Singapore Pools is an immensely popular platform for betting on football matches, so it is no surprise that its numbers show an increase in people requesting self-exclusion from their accounts. Figures released earlier this year demonstrate an 81% jump compared to 2021 as 8,731 banned themselves online from Singapore Pools accounts online in 2022; likely due to Covid-19 restrictions being lifted and leading to more football matches available to bet upon.

To ensure an accurate result of the draw, the organization carefully plans ahead by consulting an independent accounting firm on all pre-, actual, and post-draw activities. Once announced, winners may collect their prizes at any authorized outlet starting the next business day; first prize winner will receive $2 million while other two prize recipients can claim $500,000 and $250,000 prizes respectively – please note they must do this within 90 days from when the draw takes place.