The Sydney Prize and Where To Find Them

sdy prize

The SDY Prize is an exceptional award presented to students who excel in linguistics studies at university. Not only can it demonstrate your hard work, but it’s also a fantastic way of encouraging others to study this discipline. In addition to receiving financial reward for their achievement, winners also may receive interview opportunities or publication in Overland Magazine (some even receive help finding employment post graduation!). Some even receive assistance finding employment upon graduation!

Prizes can be an immense boost to anyone’s ego and help motivate hard work, so it is wise to investigate competitions available in your field of interest, and see if any may qualify as options for you. Your first stop should be your university; many offer online applications or even have dedicated websites dedicated to each competition that provide additional information about its eligibility requirements and applications.

Scholarships designed to encourage women into engineering can also have a positive effect on society as a whole, increasing women’s representation within this industry and having an effectful contribution made. If this type of scholarship interests you, visit The Sydney Prize’s website for more details.

Reading articles and blogs online can provide invaluable information about competitions. However, it’s important to remember that not all websites provide accurate or up-to-date data which could result in making poor decisions that negatively affect results and possibly cost money.

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