How to Find a High RTP Slot

rtp slot

When it comes to slot machine gambling, a high RTP rating means greater chances of big wins. While this is true, it is also essential that you understand how RTP ratings are determined – this ratio is calculated by dividing the total money won by a machine by its total gambled sum; obviously this formula won’t always produce equal results from players but nonetheless provides a good way of gauging odds of winning on any particular session.

Online casinos generally boast higher RTP rates than land-based casinos due to fewer expenses related to slot cabinets and people maintaining them, plus using internet software for running their games – these factors all combine to allow for reduced costs while still offering the same level of security; ultimately enabling them to increase payouts and bonuses for customers.

Finding out the Return-to-Player rate (RTP) of any particular game is easiest when searching the casino’s website; typically this information will be clearly displayed on a help screen or other part of the site. If you cannot locate this data yourself, contact customer support to inquire further about its availability.

Guns N’ Roses from NetEnt is one of the most beloved high-RTP slots around, with an RTP rate of 96% and five reels and multi lines video slot based on legendary rock band Guns N’ Roses as its soundtrack. You don’t even need to like either Slash or Axl; either one makes this an enjoyable game to play and gives plenty of rewards when spinning those reels!

State gaming reports may also provide helpful insight, offering information on the average payback rates of various slot machines. While these reports typically only cover select casinos and coin denominations, they can provide an idea of what you can expect when gambling at different venues – for instance Nevada’s 2017 report includes average return-to-player (RTP) values for different coin denominations and slot games.

Apart from their increased frequency of wins, online slots with high RTP also boast stunning graphics and varied themes such as Ancient Egypt or Norse mythology or popular TV shows and musicians – some even offer special features like Megaways or cluster pays! By selecting slots with high RTP you can extend gameplay sessions while getting more spins for your budget.